How Will I Know Im Pregnant If My Tubes Are Tied?


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Whether your tubes are tide or not, there are no definite signs of pregnancy because all these so called signs of pregnancy can be due many other reasons. First, in case of tubal ligation, chances of pregnancy are poor. Secondly, If fertilization takes place then chances of ectopic pregnancy are there. You can suspect pregnancy if miss your periods on due dates. This condition requires a pregnancy test either at home or in laboratory. So, if your tubes are tide or not tide, missing of periods is first condition to go for pregnancy test if you are sexually active.
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My tubes have been tied for 3 years now. I'm not sure if I'm pregnant though because for the past 2 weeks I havent been feeling like myself. The past 3-4 days ive been vomiting and had the diahrea. All the symptoms that I have are the same as when I was pregnant with my other 2 kids. If I am pregnant then what do I do about it Ive read some stuff online.

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