Can Tubes Un Tie Themselves?


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I was told by my doc. When  I had my tubes tied that the clamp is not very effective and when you cut and tie tubes there could be a chance of your body actually trying to heal itself back together in it's natural way and you could get pregnant ...the most effective way is to cut, tie , and burn the ends to help preventing them from healing back together.....but anything is possible we see women that had tubal's years ago and have gotten pregnant
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There are rare extreme cases, as my aunt's tubes untied, but back in the old days, they used string and was not properly fastened. Yes, she got infection and became pregnant. This is sooo rare, I would not worry. Usually, today, they clamp, some will cut and burn to make sure etc. Only an ultrasound can tell for sure. If you have concerns, check with your doctor. Otherwise, don't worry, only in extreme rare cases and if primitave method is used, which they don't anymore
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Yes they can

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