I Recently Got Over The Flu. Could That Cause My Period To Be Late?


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I know I should have answered this a few years ago lol, but I recently had swine flu, and now my period is can affect it, the best source of information is on yahoo answers, where you will find out, that everyone put 'yes, it does delay ovulation'
Ignore the answer that said get a pregnancy text, as I am sure you would have put it in the question if unprotected sex was the case :) I'm hope I helped
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Your period can be disturbed because of your medication, drug use, alcohol, stress etc. The delayed period is often associated with so many things. You should see your doctor for complete check up and treatment.
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The thing is, if you had a stomach bug (vomiting or diarrhoea) as part of the flu it can make the pill not work, so if you've had unprotected sex then you are at risk of pregnancy. You need to do a home test to rule this out.

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