I Have Got A Brownish Blood Am I Pregnant?


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This does not mean your pregnant the only why to really know is to take a pregnancy test that you get from the drug store or go to your doctor and they will check for HCG in your urine or blood. Check out this site for signs and symptoms of pregnancy.
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Not necessarily. I have 3 daughters, 19,17, and 11. I have experienced brownish blood more than once in my life , during pregnancy and also between menstrual cycles. Have you taken a pregnancy test? Brown blood is dried blood which could mean a number of things. By no means should discolored discharge alone be the sole determining factor when diagnosing early pregnancy. I suggest that you see a physician because while all of us that don't know you set here and share our unprofessionally medical experts, you could have serious health issue, needing attention! Good Luck!

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