How Can I Stop My Extra Spotting Menstrual Cycle?


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There are many reasons why people spot.  Usually they are not pregnant so I would not worry about that unless you think it is possible then I would have a blood test done to make sure.  Sometimes your hormones are out of wack and you will spot due to that.  So the doctor will usually put you on a birth control to help you stop spotting.  If you are trying to get pregnant they can prescribe a progesterone that will help you stop spotting instead, you would have to ask them about it.  If you are already on birth control and you just started it can take a few cycles for your body to regulate or they may need to change the pills or medication so you are getting more of the medication.  Either way, you need to talk to your doctor or go to planned parenthood where you live.  If you don't have a planned parenthood where you live then your local health dept.  probably has a program there.  Good luck and take care.  I am a medical assistant I hope this info.  helps a bit.
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Kathy Castillo answered
Spotting is normal. However, it can also be the indication of a possible problem.  If you are having periods that last longer than 7 days, that is okay. However, if they last for longer than 2 weeks, then you should see your doctor. Sometimes women will spot when they are pregnant, but if you just had a period, you probably are not pregnant. If you think you are pregnant, then you should have a test to confirm it.  Light spotting is normal. Spotting may be a sign of ovulation.

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