How Can I Bring On My Menstrual Period?


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You have not indicated your age. Did, you get your first ever periods? If no then wait until puberty. Puberty in girls is achieved after 11 years depending upon environment. In some areas of the world, it can be early and in some as late as 16. If you are already getting periods and now no periods then cause should be investigated. There are many causes of absence of periods, some of them are physiological while other pathological. Treatment depends upon underlying cause. Following are some causes of absence of periods in women after getting their first periods.

   1. Thyroid problems
   2. Tumors in pituitary gland
   3. Excessive exercise
   4. Hormonal imbalance
   5. Stress
   6. Under weight
   7. Chronic illness
   8. Pregnancy
   9. Breast feeding  
  10. Use of hormonal birth control methods
  11. Certain medicines like antidepressants, oral corticosteroids

So, you should visit a doctor.
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I am 31 years old and never got my period on my own. I have only got it when the doctor put my on birth control pills. I was told by doctors since the age of 14 to take Birth Control Pills and my cycle would eventually kick in. Well needless to say it never did. About 9 months ago I went for some tests and was told I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).  I've tried a few different kinds of home remedies and herbs to bring on my period but nothing has worked. My hormones are way out of whack. My tester one level is 79% so the only thing that has worked for me is Birth Control Pills and other prescriptions containing hormones. There is a ton of reasons why a woman would have no cycle or a delayed cycle so your best bet is to go see a doctor to be on the safe side.  Good luck.

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