Is It Possible Not To Ovulate With Every Period?


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Julii Brainard answered
Yes.  Very much so.

If you are worried about becoming pregnant when you don't want to be, then please do see a family planning clinic as soon as possible.

If you are trying to get pregnant and it's not happening, then please do see your GP, who can run tests to check that you are ovulating.

Technically, if you have a period without ovulating it's termed 'anovulatory bleeding'.  It usually happens because your body is still subject to the hormonal fluctuations that cause the uterus to build up a blood supply and then shed it.   The hormonal fluctuations can be inadequate to cause ovulation to occur, but still strong enough to cause the uterus to swell with extra blood. Eventually estrogen levels drop, causing bleeding, or the uterus just gets so heavy with blood that it simply must shed the excess.

Complicated and long list of other reasons why ovulation may fail.
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Stasia Puu answered
I just had a tubal reversal and have been trying. I have my period every month and yet nothing could I not be ovulating.

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