How Long Will Non-alcoholic Beer Test Positive For Alcohol On A Urine Test?


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Wendy answered
Non-alcoholic beer is not completely alcohol free. There is a small percentage of alcohol in it. I would think that it would be detectable in a urine screen.
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Anonymous answered
Yes, that is very possible, because non-alcoholic beer does contain a small trace of alcohol.
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Caprice Weaver answered
Yes. There is alcohol in non-alcohol beer.
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Rita Youngs answered
Listen if you only had a couple, drink lots of water and flush yourself out . Urine test are for drugs,rarely for alcohol unless you have been told you couln't consume alcohol. Alcohol testing is usualy done with blood or breath.
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It can take up to 48 hours depending on the amount consumed and how much you have eaten and drank other non alcoholic beverages afterwards. There are many buzzed drivers on the road on a monday morning because the drinking binge from the weekend has yet to leave their systems. That is why they do not realize, but many have been caught for impaired driving on early Monday due to this

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