How Many Hours Can A Urine Test For Alcohol Test Go Back?


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False Denise. Apparently you've done a lot of reading and have no experience? I've passed ETG's several occasions. One beer, 14 hours later passed an ETG. Not doing anything to dilute or try and rid of the alcohol. Another occasion drank 4 crown and cokes- 44 hours later passed the ETG test. They say it takes [average] 80 hours ---- Not true. Depends on how much you drink and how long of a time frame in between the drink and the test.
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Alcohol can be detected with a urine test for 6-24 hours. An EtG test can detect up to 4 days or 80 hours.
Tested for in Standard Drug Tests?

Standard Detection Period in Urine
6-24 hrs

EtG Detection Period in Urine
80-120 hrs

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