How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests 12 Days Past Ovulation?


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Ok... My problem is, I tested my urine and it was negative... But when I checked with the doctor, he scanned me using ultra sound, and he said it is positive, and the pregnancy is almost 2 weeks, 10 days to be exact... But I'm afraid that the doc was cheating on me, n right now, I'm afraid that I will have my period, that will totally break my heart! Please! Will there any possibilities that the doctor was cheating?
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I am having the EXACT same problem as brib1811... I am due to start on the 24th or 25th and had what I thought to be implantation spotting on Saturday the 21st (10 dpo) with cramping for the 3 days surrounding the spotting. I have also had slight nausea and an aversion to my normal morning coffee, extreme fatigue, my boobs tingle like they are filling up with milk, but I am not breastfeeding my son anymore and all of this started one week ago. But, I have taken 2 tests, one yesterday and one this morning and they are both negative and they are the EPT EARLY tests... I am so confused!! I have even thought about getting a blood test done, but I guess I can wait another day or two!!! Did brib1811 ever find out if she was pregnant or not????
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Yes the tests are accurate with in 12 days, as it is a long time of 12 days. It is mostly recommended to be accurate with in 7 days of ovulation.
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The same thing has happened to me and I've taken a blood test and now I'm pregnant 6 weeks

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